How to avoid staged car accidents 

Staged car accidents scams could happen to you for anything now has insurance and involve making large payouts. There will always be scams that will take advantage for easy money. These insurance scams are carefully orchestrated and are well thought for taking advantage like you. 

car accidents

Do not let yourself become one of the victims with this fraudulent personal injury claims by the scam artist. Equipped yourself with knowledge by learning in identifying and how to avoid and to deal with this kind of scam of staged car accidents. 

What is a staged car accident? 

A staged car accident is a type o scam where someone will cause a car accident purposely for him to get a personal injury claim for a fake injury in order to collect money from an insurance company settlement. They get the check from a made-up case while your insurance goes through the roof. 

Staged car accidents are one of the most common type of insurance scam in the country. This scam could be dangerous because it can turn into a real accident with high impact crash resulting to actual injuries and even fatalities. 

Types of staged car accidents 

  • T-bone 

The scammer shall wait at an intersection until the target drive past them and then accelerate for them to hit the side of the target’s car. Typically, there is a second member of the scam watching from a distance and will act as a witness and that they will claim that the target car run on a red light therefore be liable for the accident and their fake injury. 

  • A friendly wave 

A scammer will find someone who is going to change lane or to merge and then they will wave meaning they will let the victim pass and when the target will switch lane, they will accelerate to make a collision and, in the end, they will deny that there is hand gesture blaming the target to have changed lane recklessly. 

  • Brake slam 

The scammer would drive into the front of the target car then slam their brakes to make a collision with the car from behind and to blame for rear ending them. 

  • Swoop and stop 

Scammer will consist of two cars and will place themselves to the front and side of the target car and then the front car will stop and the other will block the target car from swerving out which will result to a forced accident blaming their target. 

How to avoid staged car accident? 

Maintain a safe distance from other cars to avoid accidents. Don’t give scammers a room to exploit and start a collision by having enough space between any vehicles. By doing this, you will not likely to be their target. If you sense something wrong, call the police 

If you get into an accident, it is a good choice to call police and have a police report for reference later. It will be useful for your auto accident lawyer colorado springs to have and use it in your case. Find any witness around and take pictures in all angles.  

Fight car accident scam by filing counter personal injury claim also. You don’t have to suffer for the consequences of scams. Be vigilant and follow those steps in order for your lawyer to file a counterclaim saving you for the damages to your insurance. 

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